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D. Chris Beazley via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Sat Sep 10 12:25:24 PDT 2016

 Mark your calendars!  Clash with Bacchus...gods and mortals is just around the corner. 

 The event will be held September 23-25th at the Sedalia Center in beautiful Bedford County in the Barony of Black Diamond.
Bacchus is known among men as the god of wine and revelry. Sheltered in the mountains of Black Diamond, we host Bacchus in all his glory as we revel in good wine, 
good company, and good competition on the field.

There will be a full day of both rapier and armored fighting that will test the mettle of our fighters. On the armored field, fighters will be challenged in a Tournament of Chivalry with unbelted fighters challenging Knights of the realm.On the rapier field, fighters will take part in a Tournament of Honor with fighters challenging Masters of Defense and White Scarves.Following the tournaments, melee activities will be developed based on ideas from the Warlord and MiC, performance in the tournaments, and numbers of participants.  There will also be an archery range for archers to test their skills with bow and arrows.

There will be a judging of skill in the art brewing and/or the best use, or display of, drinking in other media.  For the youth there will also be a competition for the best use of bear and fox in the same item.

Vendors are welcomed, and encouraged! The gem of our celebration will be our Tavern where libations will be provided by some of our local winery merchants. Tastings and bottles may be purchased at the Tavern. In order to partake at the Tavern a valid photo ID is required, be prepared to present this at Troll. 

Feast has been added!! Our cooks, Mistress Julleran de Mestre and Lord Conall mac Aohda mhic Reamoinn will be preparing a delicious meal. The menu is: Bread with seasoned olive oil and assorted olives, Caesar salad, Grilled chicken, barley with beef broth and onions, rice, and Baklava.

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