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Noble Friends, Especially Fellow Scots,

On this dark date in 1513, King James IV of Scotland was killed leading 
a desperate charge at the Battle of Flodden. Much of the Scottish army 
also died that day, including hundreds of nobles and gentlemen. It was 
the worst defeat in Scottish history.

James IV had generally enjoyed cautious, but cordial relations with the 
English Kings Henry VII and Henry VIII. He was married to Margaret 
Tudor, daughter of Henry VII (and thus sister of Henry VIII). When 
England joined the War of the League of Cambrai to defend the Pope from 
the French, the Scots was drawn into the conflict through the "Auld 
Alliance" with France. James invaded northern England to provide a 
diversion and tie up an English army. This was a very bad move, and the 
Scottish army was outflanked and cut to pieces by a smaller English 
force under the aged Earl of Surry.

James was arguably the best of the Stewart rulers of Scotland (IMHO, 
pretty lousy kings and queens, most of whom came to bad ends), but he 
wasn't much of a general.

It was James and Margaret Tudor's marriage that eventually gave the 
English throne to the Scots, James VI of Scotland / James I of England 
was their great grandson and Queen Elizabeth I's great grand-nephew.

You can read about the Battle of Flodden here: 

For more about James IV, try this: 

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