[MR] Storvik Bardic Champion selected at Song and Dance this Sat

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Thu Nov 10 09:28:52 PST 2016

Pay heed, jongleurs, gleomen, minstrels and bards; poets, storytellers, and all entertainers!
Their Excellencies of Storvik, Celric and Ilaria, will select their new Bardic Champion from among the performers at Storvik Song and Dance this Saturday.  Do not fret if you have not signed up for a performance slot (but really, contact ruaidhriancu at gmail.com to do so!) because there is an open bardic circle in the evening.  
The website for the event:https://storvik.atlantia.sca.org/2016/10/storvik-song-and-dance/

There is a fundraiser lunch!  Bring $5.
There is a fundraiser yard sale!  Bring small bills.
And of course, there are wonderful performances and jubilant dances.  Come and join us, for, in the words of Baron Celric:
"Storvik Song and Dance is this weekend, and whether your hearts are hopeful for the future or hurting with loss, we'd love to see you at the event. The *ideal* that the SCA promotes, as a society, is the notion that we can be better people if we try; the notion that fairness and chivalry, that art as grand as a painted cathedral ceiling or as humble as some rhyming words scrawled upon a napkin, that service rendered to our brethren, are the means to inspire greatness in ourselves and to help lift up others. These ideals will be on FULL display this weekend at the event, as they are at all events, and we look forward to seeing you there."

YIS,Teleri, autocrat

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