[MR] Wikipedia: Sicilian Vespers

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Wed Mar 30 01:36:53 PDT 2016

Noble Friends,

On this date in 1282, the Sicilian Vespers occurred. Now you might think 
this was some sort of religious observance, but in reality is was a 
massacre of French soldiers and civilians during the unpopular reign of 
Charles I. The Sicilians, restive after years of French oppression, had 
finally had enough. The rebellion began during the attempted molestation 
in public of a married Sicilian woman by a French soldier, leading to a 
mob killing the Frenchman and his companions. This happened at the 
beginning of the Vespers service at the Church of the Holy Spirit near 
Palermo at the beginning of Easter, and spread across the Island, 
resulting in the War of The Sicilian Vespers: 

Yours Aye,

Lord Mungo Napier, That Crazy Scot

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