[MR] Cultural Tempore Atlantia at Coronation!!

Janina Krakowska via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Sun Mar 27 09:20:50 PDT 2016

The Coronation of Dietrich and Thora is in one week!  The Norse culture
Cultural Tempore awaits all artisans of all crafts, material or performance
to attend their Majesties and celebrate the occasion!

The prize awaits its owner, the populace awaits the inspection of the
entries, and Their Majesties await the day!

Concerning the competition itself. JUDGES ARE ALWAYS NEEDED!  Especially
those with expertise in matters Norse. In particular, a little bird informs
me that there will be at least one performance! Therefore we need
PERFORMANCE JUDGES!  Entries need to be checked in before Court - there is
a small amount of paperwork to be completed.  Please allow enough time that
I can complete my portion before Court because I want to be there too!!!
The tentative schedule is for the performances to be presented and judged
starting right after Court. The rest of the judging will begin at that time
as well.

The prize! An image of the Thor's Hammer amulet and the wire draw plate can
be seen on the Kingdom facebook page.

The judging will use the new forms and criteria as can be found at:

I look forward to your creative efforts, and seeing the impressive display
at Coronation!

In Service to Atlantia, Her Heirs, Her Populace, and the Arts and Sciences!
Baroness Janina Krakowska

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