[MR] Stierbach Baronial A&S Days

Failenn Chu inghean ui Fhaelain via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Thu Mar 10 07:32:54 PST 2016

March 19th will be the next Stierbach Baronial A&S day in Warrenton!
Master Richard Wymarc will be teaching embroidery!
There will also be a potluck during the sewing, so feel free to bring food,
nibbles, and beverages to share.
Allergy alert, there are three cats in the house so please medicate as
5611 Jamisons Farm Dr.
Warrenton, Va. 20187
Directions:  Take your best route to Rt 29.  If coming from the north turn
left onto Baldwin st. and if coming from the south turn right onto Baldwin
st.  Take the 1st right onto Mill Valley Dr.  Take the 4th right onto
Jamisons Farm Dr.  We are the 4th house on the left, you will see a red
suburban in the driveway.

Here are the dates for the Baronial A&S days along with the proposed
teachers - so keep an eye out for updates!

March 19 - Embroidery - Master Richard
April 30 - Japanese Calligraphy - Mistress Abe ( Ellen Davis Badgley)
May 14 - Wooden bench making from plywood - Duke Sir Logan Ebonwoulfe.
June 4 - Viking Wire Weaving - Lady Arnbjorg ( Christine Waagones )
July 2 or 16 (possibly just extra sewing days/ Pennsic garb prep)
August 27 - Bring your handouts from Pennsic to share.
September 10 (or may have to pick a Sunday)
October - TBD
November -December. - Off for the Holidays.

I may be teaching either the September or October one, possibly on the
fabric shading in painting.

Yours in Service,

Lady Faílenn Chu ingen uí Fháeláin

MoAS - Stierbach

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