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On this fifth day of March, Anno Societatus fifty, 2016 in
the mundane tongue, there assembled the mightiest of Atlantia’s artisans and
scientists at the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival.  Held in the Canton of Sudentorre the day,
though overcast and somber, proved dazzling and lively within the historic
Marshal Building.  Gentles of all walks
of life, cultures and times consorted, shared, listened and enjoyed the many
displays set up by the various attendees.

It was at this event the their Atlantian Majesties Christoph
and Adelhait held court to recognize and award many of their subjects.

Baroness Cairistiona de Coueran, the Autocrat, was called
into court to give an accounting of the many contests set for this event.  She in turn called in the Kingdom Notables Lord
Arghylle Buchanan (A&S Champion) Lady Isabelle Dolce Panettiere Bianchi
della Luna (Baker) and Lord Brian Crawford, to provide the names of those who would
replace.  Our new Kingdom Notables are…

Royal Baker- Lady Caelainn Grantaich

Royal Brewer- Lord Seamus MacWhelan

Arts and Sciences Champion- Lady Kateryne (Kat)
Ferneley…more on this Gentle later.

The Kingdom Chronicler Mistress Morderyn Tremayne and her
replacement Baroness Adina von der Heide were called before Their
Majesties.  Mistress Morderyn requested
of the Crown to be relieved of her office and in her stead place Baroness Adina
as Chronicler of the Kingdom newsletter, “The Acorn”.  This pleased Their Majesties and They sent
both fine Ladies from Their Presence with many praises and thanks.

Now, we all know that a happy Kingdom is a content Kingdom
and King Christoph and Queen Adelhait decided that one particular troop of
players needed to be recognized for their fine efforts of bringing both pathos
and joy into the lives of the populace. 
As the troop, i Firenzi, was called up there was much cheering, laughter
and applause.  In honor of their tireless
efforts to bring the Commedia del Arte- style entertainment to the masses,
Their Majesties awarded each and every member an Augmentation to their arms of
a commedia-style mask.  This Herald has
never seen a troop of actors quite as speechless as these fine folk were but it
was a thrill to know that they were recognized for their time, skill and sacrifice.  Afterwards they will need to contact their
local heralds to submit this augmentation, however, if they had not been
walking the clouds before, they certainly did after returning to their seats.

Our children, always a delight and challenge, were welcomed
into court, but seemed to be waylaid by the toy box that quickly made its way up the auditorium aisle and out the door. 
Fortunately, Atlantian children are a hardy bunch and they caught up
with said box and relieved it of many treasures.

In a Kingdom such as ours and at an event such as the
Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival, there are many who, toil greatly for the
love of the task and in service to the populace.  Their Majesties are ever made aware of the
efforts, sacrifices and knowledge of Their people, are constantly of a mind to
award many fine Gentles.  Such are the

Lady Thea de Nes was awarded a Coral Branch for her
calligraphy, illumination, period dyes, knitting and the donation to the many
gift baskets Atlantia presents to others. 

Lady Olivia Isabelle was next sought by the Crown.  She did present herself and was quickly
surprised by the appearance the Order of the Pearl.  Period dance and serving as Dance Mistress of
the Canton of Sudentorre for 4 years was the reason for this award.  But the Pearls were not finished, for as soon
as Lady Olivia was welcomed into their midst, Lady Mariss Ghis was called
before their Atlantian Majesties and her new Order.  She is an embroiderer extraordinaire and was
welcomed into the Order with many hugs and good cheer.

Their Majesties were just getting started, for they then
called Lady Daniella Schwartzhaupt back into court.  For the lady’s continuous efforts in
providing award scrolls at anytime and anywhere, despite the hour and numerous
other scrolls she is making, Their Majesties, Christoph and Adelhait made her a
Baroness of the Court.  Ah, yes…one of
the best reasons for being a court herald…seeing the looks of shock, joy,
disbelief and delight on the faces of award recipients.

Mistress Morderyn was recalled before the Crown and awarded
with the Silver Nautilus.  She was
quickly followed by Lady Ảlfrún ketta, who also received a Silver Nautilus.  Both ladies were recognized for their efforts
in the Arts and Sciences of our kingdom.

Newcomers were welcomed into Their Majesties Court and it
was heartening these fine new gentle just starting out in the Knowne World of

Then, having realized that something was amiss, Baroness
Adina, newly made chronicler, was recalled and invited to give her oath of
fealty as a Great Officer of State.  

That done, Their Majesties still felt that something was out
of place and asked Lady Kat Ferneley back into court.  They cheerfully announced that she would
indeed be out Arts and Sciences Champion of Gulf Wars, but knew that she truly
needed an extra something and thus the Noble Order of the Laurel was called
before Their Majesties.  Now-Mistress Kat
was quite stunned when all the members agreed that she was indeed their peer in
the Arts.  With that revelation done,
Mistress Kateryne Ferneley will now travel to the gulf War with the good will
and support of Atlantia’s Laurels.

An announcement was made of a Curia meeting soon after court
and then said court was closed to many more vivats and great cheering.

Let it not be said that your Herald is not short-winded.  As she was not in attendance Lady Jenna
Fairhaven as never-the-less awarded with a Coral Branch for her spinning and
knitting skills.  A member of her Barony
will carry the precious award to her.

This report, long-worded as it is, is a true recording.  Should I be mistaken in any entry please
forgive and contact me.

Vivat Atlantia

Baroness Wynne ferch

Blue Shark Herald


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