[MR] Would you like to help out at Kingdom Arts and Science Festival?

Laurie Clarkston via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Thu Mar 3 20:27:57 PST 2016

Helpers for Saturday:

I could use 2-3 people who have experience working Troll.  We have a lot of
lovely people coming who have not pre-reg., so the morning rush will be
very busy.  You don’t have to work all day, just up to 11ish.

I need Door Greeters:

Open the doors for those carrying items

Help unload vehicles

3-5 people (a couple of you to carry heavy items)

Sir Cian is organizing a group of hearty men to move tables and chairs,
carry heavy items, provide support where needed.  Master Arn is bringing
the Navy with him, but he might be short a few good men.  So, if you are
coming to KA&S and you would like to keep a little busy in the morning and
then again in the mid-afternoon, when everything needs to be returned, and
packed up, please sign-up.  A hearty lunch is included in the bargain.

I need one person to head up traffic and parking staff (4-6).  This is
important..!  I must keep the traffic to the site moving so not to block
the main road.  The local Parks and Rec is having a day of basketball games
behind where our event is.  I am giving them most of the parking lot.  I
need several people to point traffic in the correct direction for the
morning rush.

I also need one person who would be interested in wearing armor and being a
crossing guard.  I have one person already, but two is much better.  We
even have a yellow shield to help with traffic.  If you have a Marshall’s
stick that would help. -- AM only.

I need people to help with setting up various rooms, help decorate a
display case, help with giving directions, and other small details.

All of these tasks are to help set-up the site in the morning, help people
get settled with their displays (get into bldg., point out troll,
restrooms, etc.)

Most of these tasks are for the morning only.  In the afternoon (after 3
pm) changing the rooms back, cleaning up will begin.

Please let me know if you would like to help.


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