[MR] BBC: Town Plans to Rebuild Stocks

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This got me wondering what the difference between pillory and stocks was.

The pillory was what we have come to think of when we think of stocks. The
pillory immobilized the person's head and arms. The sentence to the pillory
rarely lasted more than 12 hours.

The stocks had the person sitting down with their feet immobilized. The
sentence could be for days,

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> Noble Friends,
> The Oxfordshire town of Thame is planning to bring stocks back to its
> central square: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-oxfordshire-36638698 .
> I was surprised to learn from this article that there is still a law in
> England requiring every town to have a set of stocks, and that punishment
> in the stocks is still legal. The Pillory, however, has been banned since
> the 19th century.
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