[MR] Dancing at King's Assessment

Michelle C via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Wed Jun 15 16:14:45 PDT 2016

I am excited about the performing arts schedule that Johann has put
together and honored to be a part of it! Here is more information about the
dancing included in that schedule:

9 a.m. Penta Pentamere Dance Class
In the early days of the SCA, EVERYONE danced after court or feast. The
region of Pentamere in the Middle Kingdom has put out a collection of five
favorite dances in an effort to rekindle this tradition. Musica Subterranea
produced a corresponding cd. The well-rounded set includes one each of
Italian, French, Gresley, Inns of Court, and English country!

10 a.m. Partnerless Dances
This is not really a class, just a guaranteed time for dances that aren't
performed as a couple. Some will be for sets of three, some for a giant
circle of people. You can float in late and be assured a chance to dance.

10:30 Queen Adelhait’s Pavane
Johann von Solothurn wrote an original song in period style. Sophia the
Orange choreographed a dance to go with it, which premiered at this past
University. It is beautiful, fun, and miraculously easy, so if you do no
other dancing all day, you should come out and learn this dance.

At the other times listed throughout the day, a variety of dances will be
taught and called as needed. Requests will be taken. Any dance from the
morning can be repeated in the evening.


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