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Unto Their Majesties Dietrich and Thora, Their Highness's William and Alyna, and unto the populace of Atlantia does Blue Shark herald Brehyres Wynne ferch Rhodri send greetings and a report...On the green fields of Atlantia, on a day of sweltering heat
and blessed breezes, the populace of our fair Kingdom met once more to compete
in the Highland River Melees.  It was in
the morning of the eleventh day of the sixth month in the mundane year 2016,
being Anno Societatis 51, that Their Atlantian Majesties Dietrich and Thora, Her
Highness Princess Alyna and Their Excellency's of Highland Foorde Fergus and
Glynis welcomed the populace to a place of peace and tranquility that was to
shortly turn into battles most fierce.

Whilst fighters prepared for battle, bearers of water filled
their jugs, scribes penned that last scroll, bards warmed their voices and
merchants set out their wares, their Majesties called for an assembly of their
people so as to conduct some small business in Court.

The Order of the Silver Osprey honors and
recognizes those non-belted fighters who have distinguished themselves by their
effort and shown excellence on the heavy field, and Their Majesties found four
worthy fighters on whom to bestow this award.

They are-

Lord Alaric Messer-
for teaching and encouraging new fighters and for his formidable prowess.

Lord Hăkon
Erfikvatheskald- winner of the War of the Wings Novice Tourney, a potential
up and coming fighter with a voice to charm the angels.

Alherin of Preachain-
who defeated Oswin in the Gulf Wars Rose Tournament.

Lotharius (Lothar)
Qui Et Segimundus- who fighting with two swords, betters those who are more
skilled that he.

Both Alherin and Lothar were elevated to the nobility as the
Osprey conveys an Award of Arms.

There was one more award to be given in this morning court,
one more Gentle to be honored.  This was Seamus Tuilide, who, due to his battlefield skill with polearm was welcomed into the
Order of the Kraken which also came with a grant of Arms.

As His Majesty Dietrich was adorned for battle and ready for
a good fight, court was closed so that activities martial could begin in


Ah, but this was not the end of King Dietrich's or Queen
Thora's beneficence.  A second, afternoon
court was called.  This was done at an
earlier time as storms threatened our beloved Kingdom and the safety of the
populace was their Majesties and the Autocrats first concern.

So once again, sitting in Their Court, Their Majesties
Atlantia called the populace together to mete out awards and fine recognitions.

First was Jeanette De
La Mer called to kneel before the thrones. 
For her many years of service, for winning the Knowne World
International Rapier Championship at her current and tender age of 16, and her
constant support of her barony, she was elevated to the ranks of the nobility
and became Lady Jeanette.  Many were the
cheers and tears for this bright, young Gentle.

Rosin Caomhach
was directed to vacate her position behind the throne to appear before Their
Majesties.  She too was ennobled for her
high enthusiasm, her Bardic skills and her helium hand.er.her

Where would the Kingdom
 of Atlantia be without new blood
coursing through its veins?  Recognizing
those for whom the day's activities was their first SCA event had become a fine
and long-standing tradition.  We were
honored with the attendance of several new gentles who were welcomed to this
and many future events.

The award of the Fountain was to be the reward of Master Tomas De Montroig, for his
mighty heroism in dealing with the charcoal cooker during Ruby Joust.  It seems the skills of old are never out of
date especially when "Modern Conveniences" let us down.

Sir Ragnarr
rifsbrjotr (called Rib-cracker) was honored by King Dietrich with his own
Award of Excellence.  His Majesty was
delighted and proud of Ragnarr's quiet, selfless talent.  He is a knight whose constant help of others
allows them to enjoy this, the Current Middle Ages.  He has brought joy to many seeking the
adventure of the Middle Ages both before and during King Dietrich's reign.

The children made short work of a delightful volunteer from
the Barony of Highland Foorde.  Shouts of
"get him by the knees" followed the younglings out of court as they ran after
said volunteer, who by the way, was quite fast and made the kids work for their

Their Excellency's of Highland Foorde, Baroness Glynis and
Baron Fergus were then given leave to hold court and many members of their
populace were recognized with awards. 
That report will appear from the hand of the baronial herald.

Finally, before the closing of the court, King Dietrich
surprised both Herald and recipient by calling Lord Hugo von Guthenburg before the thrones of Atlantia.  


Her Majesty Thora deemed it unnecessary for Lord Hugo to
approach shirted and bade this fine figure of a man to remove his shirt.  Upon reaching their Majesties so undressed,
King Dietrich awarded Lord Hugo with a Sharks Tooth, a sign that this fighter
has preformed acts of valor for Crown and Kingdom.  

Thank-you Queen Thora, it was a delightful ending to court
and the shouts of "SKOAL" were heard as our King, Queen and Princess removed
Themselves from the hall.

This is a true report, any mistakes made are my own and I
would be right pleased if any corrections would be brought to my attention.

Brehyres Wynne ferch Rhodri

Blue Shark Herald



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