[MR] Invite to attend Lochmere's January 2016 Revelries

R.D. via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Sun Sep 27 14:46:16 PDT 2015

Greetings, good gentles of fair Atlantia!

I wish to extend an invitation to all to come attend Lochmere's January 2016 revelry. 

Enjoy mayhem, merriment, and fun as Lochmere will be "surprised" by the Spanish Inquisition arriving in January 2016! There will be performances, arts, fun, frivoloty, and feasting. Come and enjoy! ... because who would expect the Spanish Inquisition!

Link to event announcement:

Yours in service, 
Doña Rita de Tacoronte 
Per pale argent and vert, in pale two lions couchant sable.
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