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Please see below for all the competitions that are currently scheduled for
War of the Wings..

Please see the Website at - http://warofthewings.com/arts_and_science.html
for information, or contact
Baron Thorgrimr inn Kyrri - zmbyhntr at gmail.com
Lord Ihone Munro - ian at silverquill.net

If you have any further questions

A&S Competitions - Friday, October 16, 2015

*Please note that it takes at least 3 entries to make a competition. If you
are new to documenting your work and need a place to start, try the EZ-Doc
format! <http://larsdatter.com/ezdoc/>*

Period Science Fair <http://warofthewings.com/details/science_fair.html>

*Sponsored by Lord Cameron de Grey*

Come one come all to a good ol' fashion' Science Fair! Come join us all and
show your prowess at alchemy, invention, and magic!

Nautical Navigation Tools

*Sponsored by The Corsairium*

Make sure to drop off your period nautical navigation tools on the way to
the Science Fair on Friday! Documentation required.

Laurel Challenge

*Sponsored by Baroness Alianor*

Baroness Alianor is sending a challenge out to the Laurels! Submit a piece
that you did not recieve your laurel in (or is directly related to such) in
a method that is new to you (must not have entered a competition with the
submitted art form within the past 5 years)!

Scribal Backlog Competition

Challenges such as these are often given, but rarely met with the
dedication and artistry of Atlantia's scribes! During the Scriptorium in
the village, a competition will take place in addition to the Open Display
in which those dedicated to the scribal arts may opt to donate blank
scrolls to the Crown of Atlantia in order to recognize their populace for
days past as well as those days to come! A favorite will be chosen from
amongst entries as the winner by populace vote, and an additional prize
will be awarded with much gratitude to the gentle that submits the most
entries for donation to the Crown.

War Point Bardic Smack Down

Friday Night after the Torchlight Tourney, to be held in the Merchant Area

A&S Competitions - Saturday, October 17, 2015

*Please note that it takes at least 3 entries to make a competition. If you
are new to documenting your work and need a place to start, try the EZ-Doc
format! <http://larsdatter.com/ezdoc/>*

War Point Challenge

This year at War of the Wings, the bar has been raised across the boards.
The War Point Challenge can certainly be no different! Each participating
barony is being challenged to field an interdisciplinary team in order to
present to the populace a display inspired by their heraldry!

Display entries must include:


   A representation of the Arts of Peace: Present a piece of clothing that
   has a heraldic representation integrated into it

   A representation of the Arts of War: Present a piece of armor or a
   weapon that has heraldic representation integrated into it

   The banner that flies over the Arts of Peace and War: Present a War
   Banner that represents your barony as a whole

   Each barony that enters the display will declare a side, the side that
   acquires the most points amongst the displayed entries wins the A&S war
   point! Points will be gathered not only by judges from the A&S
   competitions, but by the votes of the populace as they cast their votes for
   their favorite display!

   No documentation is required for entries that are placed on display, the
   only requirement being that the creativity within the barony is unleashed!
   Let's put the Creative into the SCA and make something that future
   generations strive to top!

   The Fancy of Her Highness: Equestrian Barding

   A call to the populace has been made! Her Highness, being fond of all
   things Equestrian, wishes to see the artisans of her Kingdom display their
   fondness as well. This competition is open to all manner of arts from songs
   and poems to barding, research and illumination. Submit your entry with a
   strong emphasis on horses and other beasts of animal husbandry so that we
   might all bring joy to Her Highness!

   The Fancy of Her Highness: The Dogs of War

   Her Highness and Her Excellency Alianor have cried out to let slip the
   dogs of war! During the Heraldic Processional to take place on Saturday
   morning, the best dressed war dog will be selected! So break out the armor
   and barding for your best friend as they march to war in style!

   Period Research Paper

   *Sponsored by Baron Thorgrimr inn Kyrri*

   A lot of hard work and dedication is behind each and every research
   paper that is submitted with your Arts and Science entry. Now, for those
   that have put particular effort into their research in and of itself, we
   have something special just for you! Bring in your favorite research paper
   so that we might all learn from the knowledge that you have gathered.
   Entries should be in on Thursday, and be available for reading through the
   close of the Village on Saturday afternoon.

   All About that Skien

   It has been said many times that the art of spinning is simple to
   discover, but difficult to master. Show off the finest of your home goodies
   during the gathering of Fiber Artists on Saturday afternoon, where the
   favorite entry will be selected by the assembled fiber enthusiasts!
   Documentation is highly encouraged, and extra brownie points will be
   awarded for steps to color your own spun entries using period media.

   Ransom Scroll Competition

   The competition is simple - create a scroll blank that features period
   looking peeps and goats! Declare your side and the winning side will be
   granted not only points that contribute to the overall A&S War Point, but
   also the collection of magnificent contributions to the war effort! *(Please
   note, entries into the Ransom Scroll competition are intended to be
   directly donated to the winning side.)*

   Novice Competition

   Designed for both newcomers and those who are new to an art form, the
   Novice Competition for War of the Wings is meant to inspire! To qualify,
   you simply must have learned the art being presented (and have created the
   piece itself) within the past year. Bring forward your entries that have
   been created since War of the Wings IX!*MoreDetails Coming Soon*

   Born at War

   *Sponsored by Lord Ihone Munro*

   Take advantage of the time not spent on the field by creating something
   wonderful for all to see. Entries must be made on site!

   Open Displays

   Bring in your favorite piece, work in progress or a project that you're
   stuck on so that we can all behold your amazing work throughout the event!
   No judging will take place on items placed in Open Display, but if you'd
   like feedback on your work - please make sure to bring something for the
   populace to leave constructive comments and suggestions with (ie pen and

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