[MR] Upcoming practices

BaronMungoe McKlinchey via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Tue Sep 1 22:35:13 PDT 2015

To all that see these words greetings,
The first of 6 war practices to be held in the upcoming year will be held at Elchenburg Castle the weekend of October 30-November 1st. We are planning 2 southern practices, 2 Northern, and 2 central. This will lead to a big one at Old school war practice in June. The June practice will determine the spots on the Unbelt team. This practice will cover:

-How to be a threat on the melee field, regardless of skill level
-Basic unit maneuvers 
-Ten man melee unbelt meeting/practice. (You want on this team, Show up and earn a spot.)

Johnathan Blackbow will be the Sargent in charge. All Southern Sergeants and Warlords please contact Blackbow for impute, advise, and if you want to lend a hand (please do). We are asking a $5 dollar donation to cover cost of the site. We  are being given access to the site facilities so please donate. If you are a unbelt from the south that desire to be on the ten man team for next Pennsic please make sure that Blackbow or one of the other sergeants writes your name down that you were there and participated.

All are welcome. This is the first step in a long road. More boots on the ground, more heroes to step up and make a name for themselves. 

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