[MR] Sunday Archery at Grimmsfield

Grimm via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Wed Oct 28 08:14:04 PDT 2015

My Good Gentiles of Atlantia,

Please, no more expression of sadness and lamentations over the closing of
Grimmsfield for the season, you have crashed our servers with the total
outpourings of your grief. To soften the blow, Lady Margaret Lad has
graciously offered to run a practice this Sunday 11/1/15 from 2 till 5. This
will be the last chance to shoot the Grimm & Miles Woods Walk till the
leaves are back on the trees in the spring. As always, snacks will never be
turned away.  For more information and directions, please see

Your servant,


TL:DR: 11/1/15 archery at Grimmsfield from 2 to 5.


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