[MR] The Last Court of TRM Logan and Esa

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Unto Their Majesties and the Populace of Atlantia and to any other who come to read this...Greetings,
It was on a brisk, bright morning on the 10th day of October when King Logan and
Queen Esa presented themselves before the gathered populace of Atlantia for
this, their last court.  


Lady Arnora in Rauða received a Herring for her work as an
autocrat for Highland River Melees.  


The next award, the Undine, awarded by the Queen for
personal services to Her Majesty, was given to Lady Laura Graley de la Moore,
Baroness Juliana Greene, Lady Isolda de Crosthwaite, Baroness Bessenyei Rozsa,
and Seigneur Etienne Le Mons d’Anjou. 
Her Majesty was especially thankful as much of the work done by these
goodly folk involved Their Majesties beloved daughter; who this Herald must say,
is so full of energy as to exhaust even the strongest of knights and bearing so
sweet a smile that has both Tiger of the East and Dragon of the Midrealm are ready
to play hop-scotch.


His Majesty Logan, called into court both Master Connor Levingestone
and Master Christopher MacConing to bestow upon them His Award of Excellence.  Good help is never hard to find in Atlantia,
but there area few who go even farther with their advice assistance and constancy.  These gentles are but two of those fine folk.


Master Christopher was asked to wait and was immediately
joined by Master Aedan Aylwyn and Baroness Aine ruadh inghean Néill, all of
whom were awarded with an Undine from Her Majesty Esa for various personal
services that made Her Majesties reign just that much better.


At this time Master Aedan begged time before Their Majesties.  He held a box, which though small, held a
mighty remembrance.  For Their support of
the fourth peerage, the Order of Defense, Master Aedan presented Them with a
sash, signed by many of the members of the White scarf.  Both The King and Queen were deeply moved and
greatly honored by the gift.   


The Queen’s Order of Courtesy, given to those who show exemplary
courtesy to subjects of all ranks in this Realm and in the Society at large was
given to Lady Caitlin inghean Fheichin. Never one to stint on sharing her
talents, kindness or advice, she is one all may look up to.  This award was also given to Lady Kaðlín in óarga
and Baroness Ysane de la Selle as Atlantia is never short of those for whom kindness
and good will is in great abundance.


Lady Caran be Berg was ever a constant help those who needed
her.  His Majesty saw this as a shining beacon
for all to see and awarded her His Award of Excellence.


The next award was one for which this Herald loves being a
Herald.  It was decided by Their
Majesties that Lady Aine ingean Comyn was due a fine award.  Her service and contributions to five
Kingdoms over many years needed to be recognized.  In their wisdom, Their Majesties Atlantia
welcomed the Lady Aine into Their presence as a Baroness to the Court of
Atlantia.  Many cheers erupted from the
crowd and now- Baroness Aine was embraced by King Logan and Queen Esa as she
herself shed tears of joy and surprise.  


With their work done and the kingdom at peace, Their Majesties
Logan and Esa, thanked not only the populace but one another for a fine reign.  It was then, with protestations of love, they set
aside the Crowns of Atlantia, and left the court to retire unto their vast estates.


This Herald is honored to have been a part of this reign.  Serving as a Herald is an honor, a privilege and
a joy, and the kindness and patience shown by Logan
and Esa was greatly appreciated.  Thank-you
and may your days to come be well and truly great.


This is a true account to the best of my ability

Baroness Wynne ferch Rhodri

Blue Shark Herald



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