[MR] Calling all Maryland and Virginia Chatelaines.

Emma West via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Thu Oct 1 11:10:59 PDT 2015

Calling all Maryland and Virginia Chatelaines.

The Southern Regional Chatelaine, Lady Amira of Raven's Cove has challenged
us.  She says that her Southern Chatelaines will get their quarterly
reports in before us. I have denied this preposterous bragging as falsehood
and have taken up her challenge.  Because duh; I say in the most bias of
ways, the North Rocks and the South does not!

Our soon to be Kingdom Chatelaine, Mistress Molly seeing that she can use
this friendly posturing to her benefit has upped the ante.   She has
decreed that the region with the highest percentage of quarterly reports
submitted on time (Due October 15th) will win a big bag of chocolates to
share at WoW.  Beyond the big bag of chocolate is the added bonus of
bragging rights until the next quarter. This in my opinion might just be on
par or better then chocolate.

So my little pretties can we win?

There is only one way to find out for sure and that is to turn in your

Go Team Go!!

*Baroness Emma West*
Northern Regional Deputy Chatelaine
Kingdom of Atlantia

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