[MR] Coronation this weekend is Cancelled

Atlantian Seneschal via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Thu Oct 1 04:58:41 PDT 2015

It is will a heavy heart that Their Majesties Logan and Esa and Their
Highnesses Christoph and Adelhait announce that due to the hurricane headed
to Atlantia this coming weekend Coronation in the Barony of Marinus is
cancelled. We appreciate that the Barony was willing to offer it's
hospitality to the Kingdom. Thank you to the autocrat and the Barony for
all of their hard work planning this event.

Updated information regarding Coronation will be forthcoming.

Duchess Marie-Simone de Barjavel 'la fildena
Seneschal, Kingdom of Atlantia
seneschal at atlantia.sca.org

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