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Arnora in Rauda via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Tue May 26 19:56:37 PDT 2015

As some of you may know, this was the second time I was the autocrat for
Ruby Joust. This particular event is sacred to me. You see, it was my first
camping event. It was the event where I brought my sister and my sons into
the SCA. It was the event where I introduced my now husband to the SCA. I
have met some of my now best friends at this event. I have some of my best
memories at this event. Watching my sister run a feather up to King
Valharic during the last remove of a very extensive feast, knowing that he
still giggles whenever he looks at that feather. Seeing Queen Arielle the
Golden laugh and smile as though she hadn’t another care in the world.
Watching my sons be awarded their Hippocampus from King Logan and Queen Esa
as children, and then having them come full circle and award them their
AOA’s this year as young men. Helping a friend found the Military Tourney
to honor our fallen, and watching it grow from 5 noble men on a hill in the
torchlight to almost 40 in the bright light of day.

I have heard a lot of compliments over the last few days about how “I” ran
a spectacular event and how “I” really did a great job. While I truly
appreciate all of the compliments I have received, I wish to make it known
to all who read these words that “I” had a very small part in a very large

Starting at the gate, Lady Drynnith, who handled close to 600 gentles
coming through said gate with a smile that lit up the night. There were,
for reasons we are all aware, more than the usual gentles who paid at the
gate. Never blinking, she took it all in stride, offering Mimosas and short
shifts to keep it all going smoothly. She didn’t complain when I didn’t get
“quite enough” clip boards or remember to bring her the cooler I promised.
She just made adjustments and kept it going, even on Sunday after Troll
closed and we still had folk coming on site in need of waivers!

What can I say about my MOL & MIC team? Lady Sajah and Sir Aradd were
amazing. When the schedule didn’t behave, they whipped it into shape. If
there were problems, I never heard of them. I did hear a lot of compliments
on all the wonderful fighting and great tourneys from Friday night all the
way through to Sunday. The dancing and hospitality hosted by Count William
Thomas and Lord Henricus were the talk of the town on Friday. All of the
marshals did a great job. Master William and the Rose Tourney, Lord Pepin
and ALL those children!!! Lord Mungo put on some pretty neat shoots down at
the archery range alongside Lord Brian on the thrown weapons side. A very
special thanks to Duchess Brianna, Countess Ariynna and Countess Honor for
coming down to the range to recognize the children during their shoot. I
imagine that is something they will remember for a good while.

Lady Alienor, my partner in crime in bring the equestrian community to the
Gem Jousts. For everything you do, for including the children, young and
old, for doing it all with a smile and a hug, thank you.

Lady Astrid, my Chiurgeon, who was under the weather, soldiering on to make
sure that everyone on site that needed it had “WATER, GATORAID, PICKLE
JUICE!” with her cadre of mighty minions.

Lady Marie for providing hospitality to Their Excellencies and Their
Majesties with that famous smile, my eternal thanks.

My MOAS, talk about a trial by fire! Lord Ziyad had never done anything of
this sort before and yet, with the dedication to promote A&S that I know he
has, he did an amazing job. The A&S area was a constant stream of folk and
I heard a lot of compliments about the way he ran it. The children’s
competition/display was a wonderful idea and I appreciate all the work that
went into everything he did including, creating the amazing prize won by
Count John in the Military Tourney.  Thanks also to Lady Kat for organizing
the Fiber Solar and Dame Magda for being there as our ever present source
of support.

Speaking of Lady Kat, she once again did a fantastic job of organizing
Merchants Row and handling any issues that arose with the grace and poise
that she is known for. If there were any grumblings, I certainly didn’t
hear any!

Lord Estienne de Conde handled the placement of all the camps around site
as well as “tagging” me and my staff….not sure I should thank him for that
part after all! Being the land agent is not an easy job. Trying to make
sure everyone has the perfect spot is not possible, but being flexible and
working with folks to get to a “happy place” is also not easy. I thank him
for making this happen.

Special mention to Sir Bryce and Mistress Melisent for always having my
back from day one and an extra special thank you to Melisent and Master
William for being there to load and unload the truck!

Lady Kilmeny, who is much to fair to hold the title “Nastycrat”. Her smile,
humor, support and supplies were appreciated more than I think she realized!

The gentle from Isenfir who ran the merchant booth “Massage by Jacob” who
stayed until the bitter end to make sure the truck was loaded and we were
safely off site. Who also used his skills in acupressure to make sure I
made it without collapsing, my eternal thanks.

Now, my family, without whom I would never had made it TO the event much
less through it. My husband, Lord Hjorr for never blinking when we found no
running water but rolling up his sleeves and replumbing the flushies to
make the bathrooms and showers work as well as water for our equestrian
friends. My sister, Lady Fjiorleif, for standing as my deputy and making
sure that I had a horseless cart to carry me around, food in my belly and
coffee whenever I needed. I am not sure she left camp for more than 15-20
minutes the entire event. I love you sister. My sons, present and deployed,
for always supporting their mother and working until exhausted so that our
dreams can stay alive.

My Peer and her husband. You know…

I am sure I have forgotten someone, I usually do. It is not intentional or
with malice, merely from a tired brain. If you picked up some trash and
threw it away, thank you. If you helped someone set up a tent, thank you.
Offered a drink or a seat…thank you. Again, this event is sacred to me and
it is because of all of you that it is still alive.

Gratefully and in service,

Lady Arnora in Rauda

Autocrat, Ruby Joust IV

"When you find yourself in the company of a halfling and an ill-tempered
Dragon, remember, you do not have to outrun the Dragon...you just have to
outrun the halfling."

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