[MR] The Atlantia Performing Arts Guild is REBORN!

Lara Coutinho via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Tue Dec 1 20:08:36 PST 2015

Atlantia Performing Arts Guild first reborn meeting is THIS SATURDAY AT

The Queens have spoken! Both of them! Our own beloved Queen Adelhait and
Gloriana herself, Elizabeth I, Queen of England, agreed upon the day of the
Natal Anniversary celebrated in the Canton of Buckston-on-Eno (the Buckston
Birthday event, November 14th) that the Guild Master of the Atlantia
Performing Arts Guild, our own Master Corun MacAnndra, was needed in
Elizabethan London to serve the Lord Chamberlain’s Men more than he was
needed in his homeland of Atlantia. Her Majesty Elizabeth swore to return
him when Master Shakespeare’s troupe finally learned proper pronunciation
of the Queen’s English. Until that day, Her Majesty Adelheit is allowing me
to serve as the guide (cat herder) at the head of the Atlantia Performing
Arts Guild.

As such, I am leading the first official meeting of the new and REBORN
Atlantia Performing Arts Guild at UNEVENT!  We meet this Saturday at 4:30pm
in the Auditorium. World domination by 5:30pm.

A draft Guild Restructure Plan has been written out and approved by
numerous appropriate and reasonable stakeholders. This plan does not
recreate a guild structure from SCA period, but rather creates a structure
of positions and job descriptions that creates a structure of support that
will actually help performers of all kinds perform more and perform better
throughout our Kingdom. This guild will not include auditions, rankings,
judgements, or other inhibitors.

This plan still has room for suggestions from the populace! Please bring
your dreams, projects, and requests! Come to the meeting and put your ideas
on the whiteboard! Are you someone who loves to perform – or dreams of
maybe trying it out someday? Then you have a place in the Performing Arts
Guild! Come to the meeting at Unevent and learn how we make dreams come
true!  Disney ain’t got nuthin’ on us!

If you’d like to read a copy of the draft Guild Restructure Plan ahead of
time, request a copy via email from me via dmoas-performance AT

Long Live the Queens!

— Lady Sophia the Orange, Guildmistress of the Atlantia Performing Arts
Guild, Atlantia MOAS Deputy for Performing Arts

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