[MR] Battle on the Bay will have Youth Activities and a Page Class

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Mon Aug 31 17:25:42 PDT 2015

Greetings to All who have Youth and will attend Battle on the Bay!

At Battle on the Bay we will have Youth Activities and a Page Class. Exact
times and location will be announced.

Youth Activities will have a Viking theme as the Vikings are the forebears
of the Normans. We will train the youth to be strong like Vikings with
games, prepare Viking finery and tell sagas like the skalds of old. Adult
assistance is needed to hold the youth activities. Your service is

The Page Class will be: Beginners Bayeux Tapestry Embroidery. We'll cover
some history of the times of the Tapestry. We'll learn and practice the
basic stitches used for the Tapestry, Stem stitch, split stitch and
'couched and laid'.  You do not need to be a Page (or a Youth) to attend,
but Pages and youth will take precedence, with adults last. Class limit is
10. Cost of the class will be $10 for the materials. Adult assistance is
needed to hold the Page Class. Your service is appreciated.

Lady Jacintha

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