[MR] Harvest Border Wars: A&S Activities

MyLinda Butterworth via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Mon Aug 31 06:33:45 PDT 2015

The A& S Activities for Harvest Border Wars have been listed and found to
be good...here they are:

Come show off your skills in the area of food preservation: fruits,
vegetables, condiments, meats, dairy, and potables.  Prizes will be given
for each category. Documentation is requested but not required.

Fall wouldn’t be complete without a good pie competition . Fillings must be
used from preserved food stuffs. Pies can be sweet or savory.  Documentation
is requested but not required.

Fiber Arts: Accessories for cold weather wear such as hoods, mittens,
cloaks, socks, leg wraps, or leather wear.  Documentation is requested but
not required.

Vegetable Carving Contest to be done on site, bring your own vegetables and
tools for carving.

Illumination:  Depict your favorite illumination showing a harvest. Bonus
points for a fall harvest. Documentation encouraged but not required. Extra
creativity always encouraged (if you do not wish to use parchment,
pergamenta, out of the box works just as well!) Please contact Lady Aemilia
Rosa if you have any questions - aemiliarosa at comcast.net

Pumpkin Chuckn’ -  BYP or bring your own pumpkin and  siege engine and
chuck your pumpkin at your enemies.

We are looking forward to seeing your bountiful creativity. If you have any
questions please contact Tatiana at crbosworth at aol.com or Scholastica at
totallystories at gmail.com

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