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Subject: [Keep] Only 15 days till the Conquest of Granada, will you be
there? 4-7 Sept Come out and Join the Windmasters
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Greeting Atlantia,

  Only 15 days till the Conquest of Granada event!

If you're looking for some great fun on Labor Day weekend, come and join
the Barony of Windmasters Hill for our Summer Baronial event Conquest of
Granada 4-7 Sept at The Optimist Club Farm 2908 Optimist Farm Road Apex, NC
I know what you're asking yourself, why should I go to this event?  We'll I
tell you just a few of the planned goings on:
Come with us to Medieval Spain, to the sweeping vistas of Andalusia as the
Moors blend with the Europeans to create a vibrant culture singular in
either Islamic or Christian lands.
*- Armored torch light tourney Friday night, armored melee's all day
*- Rapier Melee's all day Saturday*
*- Target Archery all day Saturday and again on Sunday*
*- Equestrian activities all day Saturday and again on Sunday (so far were
tracking 6 horses planning to be in attendance*
*- A&S competitions on Saturday and A&S Classes on Sunday*
*- The Baron and Baroness of Windmasters Hill will be choosing their
Baronial Champions*
*- An incredible feast  of both period and period-style Spanish tapas will
be served  (see event website for full menu), since ACCEPS is no longer an
option, we have only received 10 pre-registrations by the good old
fashioned snail mail.  This means that we have 70 feast slots, they will go
quick, first come first served at the gate.  We are considering, weather
permitting, and outdoor feast! *
*- The Elephant STOMP!!!!! Medieval party sponsored by Sir Falcone's
household, all welcome we'll have spirits, belly dancers and drummers!*
*- We have a shower and dumpster on-site, 4 days of camping!!! From Friday
till Monday.*
*- I'm tracking 3 merchants planning to come so far!*
I know it probably would have been shorter to tell you what we don't have
planned.  I can promise you that if you don't come to our event you'll hear
about the great event that you missed!

*Link to Kingdom Calendar of Events Event Web Site:*
*Link to the event web site:*

I sincerely hope that you will join us!
Adelric Falke
(MKA) Darrell Newman
Autocrat Conquest of Granada
(910) 853-3024
D_J_Newman at yahoo.com

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