[MR] Crown Tournament Schedule

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Tue Apr 28 05:07:11 PDT 2015

>From the Autocrat --


http://goo.gl/m3UEXr (a safe link to the FB graphic)

Crown Tournament Schedule

9:00        --             Site opens, Troll opens 

9:30        --             MoL opens 

10:30     --             Morning Court

11:00     --             Procession of combatants

                --             Judging of pavilions for best

                                presentation of heraldry begins

                --             A&S Tempore opens in Sykes Hall

11:30     --             Tournament begins

12:00     --             Fundraiser lunch by the Shire of Roxbury Mill

3:30        --             Heraldic judging concludes 

                --             A&S Tempore closes (pick up submissions after
4:00        --             Afternoon Court

5:00        --             Feast begins

7:00        --             Feast ends

8:00        --             Site closes


Photographic portraitures by Baron Bardulf Rauen will be offered in the main
hall during the day!


Outdoor merchants will be present!



Best of luck to all the combatants from the event staff!


Lord Grimkirk ap Greymoor


Atlantian Spring Crown 2015

Barony of Ponte Alto

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