[MR] A&S at SADD

Annora Hall via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Sun Apr 19 18:22:57 PDT 2015

In 5 days, count them, 5 days, we will again gather in the fields of Elchenburg to test our skills.  There are many opportunities for A&S skills to be shown as well.  

Let's show our support with Arts and Science competitions themed around moving and the Greys.  (1) medieval moving - what do you use, pack in, take with you?  (2) best use of gray and archery, (3) use of greyhounds, and (4) medieval things you can throw. Get creative and most of all have fun.  Prizes will be awarded for populace choice and participants who enter all four competitions.  

A new contest has been added to our slate of activities.  The Sacred Stone Cooks Guild wants to show off their skills.  They are preparing traveling food to be sampled during he evening potluck.  The populace will once again select their favorite.  This is not limited to the guild, please include documentation and be prepared to share your wares.

If you have questions, please find me on Facebook or email me directly: annorahall at yahoo.com

We hope to see you at SADD!
Annora Hall (Kathy Murphy)

PS - there will also be cheese . . .

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