[MR] Thank You to Everyone who Helped with Spring Coronation.

Ruth Connor via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Tue Apr 14 06:13:03 PDT 2015

Greetings Atlantia!

I want to thank everyone for coming out this weekend to the Coronation of
Their Majesties, Logan and Esa! The weather was perfect, we had a great
turn out, and everything ran smoothly leading to a greatly enjoyable day!
This is mainly due to the amazing staff that ran the event and the many
folks who helped set up, tear down, took a shift at troll, moved a table,
and otherwise helped out.

First of all, I would like to thank Baroness Adriana la Bretonne for being
a resource for me throughout the last few months and for acting as my Royal
Liaison. She was never too busy to answer my questions or act as a sounding
board for ideas during the planning months.

Baron Callixtus Gill, for acting as head cook as well as working to
organize the Children's feast, thank you so much. Thank you also to Lord
Gaelan macCuinnegain and Lord Jared the Potter for their delicious feast
and to Lady Katarzyna Witkowska and Lady Emeludt Hansler for their
assistance with monitoring Children's feast. Both feasts went off well and
everyone had a great time due to the hard work of these people.

Thank you to Master Gaston Valmont and Dame Rosalind Delamere for
organizing equipment transport and field setup. I've never seen a smoother
set up and I completely missed the field coming down it went that smoothly!

Lady Siobhan inghean Eamoinn mhic Dhomhnaill, you ran an amazing newcomers
point. Above and beyond what I had imagined. Your huge collection of
information on the SCA, your well stocked garb bins, and your snacks to
help draw attention (and hungry autocrats) were perfect. All of the
newcomers I had a chance to talk to had a blast and were well outfitted. In
addition to that, you were one of the last to leave, helping clean up site
till late so we could get out on time. Thank you.

Thank you to Master Geoffrey Athos von Ullm, my Marshal in Charge, and all
the marshals and marshals in training who dedicated their time to the
event. We had a great turn out for both adult and youth fighters and
everyone enjoyed their time on the field.

Thank you to Lady Eilon Bat Miriam for organizing an amazing Static A&S
display as well as acting as my Merchant Coordinator. Thank you as well for
you work to bring the Sekanjaban to the feast so we could enjoy it with our
meal. It was delicious.

Thank you as well to Lady Sajah of the Many Names, who also helped with
Static A&S and did an amazing job heading up the MoL tent! Thank you as
well for your work organizing Servers for the event and helping expedite
with His Grace, Duke Michael of Bedford.

Thank you to Lady Sophia the Orange for organizing the Performing A&S with
a focus on All Ages! The dance classes were well attended as was an
exciting bardic competition on Leadership (and much more)!

Lady Jora i Holti, thank you beyond thank yous for your amazing ability to
multitask and serve as my Hall Steward as well as your usual duties as Head
Retainer for their Excellencies of Windmasters' Hill. Everything indoors
went smoothly, you were a driving force in clean up, you were flexible with
the varying whims and last minute changes... Thank you.

I would like to thank Lord Manus McDhai for organizing Gate day of and
recruiting so as to have gate be well staffed, as well as to Lady Dyrfinna
Frevioardottir for handling reservations prior to day of.

Maestra Gisela vom Kreuzbach, thank you so much for your work as the site
herald, organizing announcements and the heralds point. As always,
wonderful work, thank you so much for doing your part to help make this
event run smoothly.

Thank you to Lady Murienne I'aloiere and House Corvus for their work
putting on the fundraiser lunch. Everything was delicious and everyone I
spoke to truly enjoyed it. Thank you.

Last but not at all least, Lord Brian fitz Gerald. Thank you from the
bottom of my heart. Your job may have been to keep the site organized, but
what you ended up doing was a little bit of everything. You were first to
show up to help me set up the night before, you were last to leave site
with me day of, you were helping to move tables and chairs when shifts
needed, you were hauling trash, you were checking bathrooms. Essentially,
if a job needed to be done, I just had to look at you and you would already
be on it. Your smile and enthusiasm for helping out makes working with you
an absolute joy. Thank you so much for your hard work.

Unfortunately, I cannot name each and every person that helped as so many
were willing to lend a hand and even if I tried I would end up missing
someone, but to each of you that are not named here but contributed your
time and effort to the event: Thank you. Thank you everyone who took a turn
in the kitchen, helped with children's feast, served feast, carried, set
up, tore down, swept, took a turn at troll, or did any of the many tasks
that are required to make an event run smoothly. It is because of how well
everyone pulled together that this event was as successful as it was, and
for that combined effort I am truly grateful.

Yours in Service,

Lady Æsa Þorarinsdottir

Seneschal of the Canton of Elvegast
Autocrat of the Coronation of King Logan and Queen Esa

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