[MR] Mistress Nuala Memorial A&S Competition at 2016 Twelfth Night

Cheryn Rapp via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Sun Apr 12 10:55:15 PDT 2015

Greetings, artisans of Atlantia! Start getting your A&S projects ready for
Twelfth Night 2016!

At next year’s Twelfth Night, there will be a competition for charity in
memory of Mistress Nuala of Needwood, a brilliant Atlantian scribe, archer,
and musician, who passed away last summer. Mistress Nuala was an
inspiration to everyone she met, and we would very much like to honor her
memory through the arts she loved.

Entries can be ANY sort of A&S project; and the themes of the competition
are anything that relates to archery, music, or the scribal arts.

The competition will be judged by the populace during next year’s 12th
Night, where anyone can donate in order to be allotted a number of Special
Voting Beans; and then use the beans to vote for their favorite entry! The
more you donate, the more special beans you can use to vote! In addition to
the Populace Prize, there will be a Most Period Prize, a Best Use of Theme
Prize, and a Most Nuala-ish Prize!

Once the winner of the Populace Prize has been determined, the winner will
select a charity for the donations to be used in the fight against cancer.
ALL of this competition’s proceedings are going to help others who are
fighting Nuala’s fight.

By giving everyone a full year of advanced notice, we hope artisans will
take the opportunity to start that crazy-awesome project that you’ve always
wanted to try in the back of your mind, but never seem to have enough time
to do! Mistress Nuala threw herself into her craft with great dedication
and a sparkling, generous spirit, and we hope she would be happy to know
that the artisans of Atlantia are doing the same in her honor!

Please contact Merwenna de Rannowe (csrapp at vt.edu), Letia Thistlethueyt (
spyder.bug at gmail.com), or Isemay the Nimble (the.fink.mobile at gmail.com) if
you have any questions at all!

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