[MR] Sunday Archery at Grimmsfield

Grimm via Atlantia atlantia at seahorse.atlantia.sca.org
Wed Apr 8 08:04:51 PDT 2015

Once again the drums of war beat not around the fair fields of Stierbach.
With the beauty of spring around us, I feel the urge to gather friends and
loose some shafts on the range. With my wife's consent, I am adding a 2nd
practice to this week. Once again my Sunday afternoon will now be devoted to
the range. I will open the practice at 4 pm and shoot till around Dusk.  I
am not sure yet what will be happening for the evening repast and
suggestions are welcome. Preferably by people who are coming. 

Please see www.grimmsfield.com for more information and directions.

Your servant,


TL:DR Archery Sunday 4/12/15 from 4 till dusk at Grimmsfield

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