[MR] Coronation Lost & Found

ThatUrsula at aol.com ThatUrsula at aol.com
Thu Sep 9 09:43:55 PDT 2004

Greetings, all.

I have the following items at my house (in Durham, NC) that were found in the feast hall except as noted:

One dark grey Ozark Trail camp chair with carrying case.  Case has 2 bright red stripes, and it's brand-new.  The tag is still attached.

One olive green Ozark Trail camp chair with carrying case - fairly new.

One very faded burgundy Ozark Trail camp chair with carrying case.

One blue foam sleeping pad/bedroll, found in the road near the feast hall.

One white pillow - no pillow case.

One 2-foot white/red/black bungee cord.

One 6" thin black bungee cord.

Two home-made draw-string carrying bags - about a yard long and 16" wide.  The material is sky blue, and looks like a cross between lightweight denim and corduroy.  The drawstrings are white twine, and one of the bags contains a plastic grocery bag with 4 square octagonal wooden end caps/finials for furniture.   The wood is unfinished - not painted or stained.

My home phone number is 919-313-7712

In service,
Ursula von Bremen

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