[MR] ISO: Brocc the Smith (aka Magic Badger)

Elizabeth grendel at elizabeth1.net
Wed Dec 15 10:51:35 PST 2004

Last I knew he could be reached at magikbadge at aol.com
Good Luck
~Elizabeth Montague

Terri Morgan <nothingbutadame at inthe.sca.org> wrote:
> I am trying to contact Brocc the Smith about Ymir.
> _Xavier

Me, too, come to think of it, about a tripod & cookpot...

nothingbutadame at inthe.sca.org
"The names of the kings who became Nazgul: Dashur,
Daensir, Prantsur, Vicksinn, Comuet, Cupuid, Dondor,
Blitsun, and Rodulf, Witch-King of Angmar.
- Joseph Michael Bay

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