[MR] Many Thanks to the Ladies of Lochmere

Merritt, Cheryl merritt at tatrc.org
Mon Dec 6 07:42:33 PST 2004

Just wanted to give a BIG THANK-YOU for the wonderful Burgundian
workshops they held and hosted in Nov and Dec. It was an enormous amount
of work, but they did a great job.


Special thanks to CC for coordinating it all, and the wonderful
hand-outs and the patterns she developed.

Many, many thanks to Lady Hrosvitha for measuring, toiles, and
developing the patterns for us. I personally learned a lot from her, and
hope to have many more opportunities to learn from her.


Lady Elspeth (sp??) for her hand-out, her demos, and her awesome
samples. (In addition to just being inspirational herself!!). 


Also many thanks to the hostesses who opened up their homes to us: Dame
Alianora, Lady Hrosvitha, Jess Kravetz, CC, and Claudia.


Big Hugs from Highland Foorde!!




Cheryl A. Merritt

merritt at tatrc.org

301 619-7929 (work)

301 639-3608 (cell)

301 619-2518 (fax)


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