[Atlantia-Announce] MOL help needed at Ruby Joust

Danielle Willgruber danielle.willgruber at gmail.com
Sat May 12 16:41:41 PDT 2018

 To the fair kingdom of Atlantia do I send greetings.

I am the MOL-IC for Ruby Joust a few weeks hence, and could greatly use
some help to make sure all the tournaments of the event run smoothly. If
there are any MOLs or MOL-ITs who can assist at the table, please let me
know ASAP. In addition, I am happy to offer an MOL 101 class either before
or at the event if there are those folks who are interested in MOLing.

I still need more people on Saturday, especially, as well as someone
interested in either youth or Equestrian MOLing.

Yours in Service,

Lady Damiana Morena

MOL-IC for Ruby Joust 2018
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