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Hey there Atlantia! We had some great Arts and Sciences at Crown Tourney
this weekend. Thank you everyone who entered, judged or just plain came by
to look at stuff. Everyone who sewed, cooked, painted, or any other type of
manufactured something your efforts are what makes an event special. Thank
you for all your hard work to keep Atlantia beautiful. There was a very
exciting heraldic display challenge offered at evening court. I will be
more than happy to pass the information about it along if someone will get
me the details.

The MoAS team has prepared an entire track of classes for University Summer
Session discussing competitions how to enter them, what to expect when you
do, being a judge and all the things that go on behind the scenes. So be
sure to keep and eye out for that, when the schedule is published.

It was pointed out to me yesterday that Ruby Joust is just 3 weeks away. Do
you have your projects ready yet? I know I don't. That pie competitions
sounds pretty cool. I will gladly volunteer to help judge it if you need

In addition to the posted competitions prepare yourselves for the choosing
of a new Poeta Atlantiae Entrants should write two poems in two different
period styles, with documentation for each. One poem should be in honor of
Their Majesties, while the other should be on the theme of Friendship.

I will be once again offer the Mariss Ghijs Once Bitten Twice Shy prize at
Ruby Joust and a 3rd Item will be added to the basket. This prize is open
to anyone who has not entered an A&S competition for at least 10 years
because it was a horrible experience last time. All you have to do is enter
any of the competitions at Ruby Joust and let me or Baroness Eadyth know
that you are ready to try competing again. If you are the only one to vie
for the prize you get the whole thing. If there is more than one contestant
I may make you rock, paper, scissor, or square off with glue guns at 50
paces for the items

Here is the list of competitions being offered

Best Use of Ruby
Our signature A&S Competition at Ruby Joust is best use of Ruby. Will you
be inspired by the rich red color of the gem or perhaps use the gem itself
in some marvelous manner? Any form or medium of art is welcome to compete.
E-Z Doc is accepted.
There will be a special category for Youth Entrants for the best use of
Ruby. Entrants should be 15 and under to compete as a youth.

Scribal Competition
We also have a Baronial Backlog Scroll competition for new scribes
sponsored by Lady Isabel Henry. All scrolls from this competition should be
from the Barony of Caer Mear’s backlog. Scrolls may be submitted with
illumination, calligraphy, or both. Any period or documentable source of
inspiration is welcome. Documentation is required, E-Z Doc is encouraged. A
prize is offered for best scroll.

Lady Bronwyn Memorial Bead Competition
In memory of Lady Bronwyn, more commonly known as Babs, who was beloved
throughout the Known World for her generosity and talent in beadwork, we
are sponsoring a competition involving both largesse and beads. The Lady
Bronwyn Memorial Bead Competition will be for best use of beads in largesse
to be donated after the competition to the Barony of Caer Mear. A prize is
offered for the best entry.

Baronial Artisan
Anyone who wishes to be considered for Baronial Artisan should mark their
entry with the provided token. You may enter any competition or just
display to be considered for this honor. The Baronial Artisan is
responsible for competing at Kingdom Arts and Sciences festival and
possibly at War of the Wings if they have a Baronial Artisan competition.
They should also represent the Barony of Caer Mear favorably with their
arts and will also run next year’s competition at Ruby Joust VIII.

Baking Competition
Spring draws to mind fresh fruit and fragrant flowers. Tudor and
Elizabethan England in particular favored the delightfully tasty
combination delicate fruits, warm spices, and floral waters. On Saturday of
Joust (May 26) there will be a baking competition for the best
interpretation of the following recipe. Documentation is required as part
of the entry. If you have any questions or would like to enter please
contact me at ladymargaretofbuckrode AT gmail.com.

“To make a close Tarte of Cherries. Take out the stones, and laye them as
whole as you can in a Charger, and put Mustard in, synamon and ginger to
them, and laye them in a Tarte whole, and close them, and let them stand
three quarters of an houre in the Ouen, then take a sirrope of Muskadine,
and damask water and suger, and serue it.” The Good Husewifes Jewell,
Thomas Dawson, 1594, England

Appearance and crust recipe are at the discretion of the entrant. E-Z Doc
is accepted as documentation. Judging will be done using the Atlantian
Cooking Single Dish Criteria.

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