[Atlantia-Announce] Crown Tourney Format

Duane Moore poetamilitarus at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 31 13:43:57 PDT 2017

Fall Crown Format:

At the request of Their Majesties, I am posting the formatfor Crown Tourney this weekend. As I am currently not on any of the email announcementlists, I would appreciate it if someone would cross post this. 

(Please note that this format may be subject to change basedon the number of fighters that actually show up the date of.)

The tourney shall be double elimination. In the first roundof the tourney those of higher precedence will be seeded into the top 16. Theremaining 11 fighters will then have the honor of challenging into the tourneyin reverse order of precedence. Byes will be given to those fighters remaining withouta challenge. 

In the final round, any previous losses will be removed and thefinal rounds will be fought Best Two out of Three fights. In the first fightthe fighter with lower precedence will be allowed to pick a matched weaponform. In the second round the fighter with the higher precedence will beallowed to pick a matched weapon form, provided that it does not repeat theform of the first round. If needed, the Final Round will be fought withwhatever weapons the finalists choose.  

If you have any questions please forward them to myself orthe Kingdom MoL, Master Nikulai. 

Thank you. 

Sir Bryce de Byram, OL, OP – MIC Fall Crown Tourney

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