[Atlantia-Announce] Fall crown Tournament List

Cian cian at sc.rr.com
Sun Oct 29 16:37:17 PDT 2017

By direction of Their Majesties, King Amos and Queen Kara, here now is 
posted the official list of entrants into the Fall 2017 Crown Tournament.

  Duke Anton Tremayne Fighting For Duchess Luned of Snowdon
  Duke Bryan of Sacred Stone Fighting For Duchess Brianna O Duinn
  Earl John Peregrine of Restormel Fighting For Countess Honor of Restormel
  Earl Robert de Rath  Fighting For Mistress Magdalena Sanguigni
  Graf Dietrich von Stroheim  Fighting For Lady Una Olfuss
  Sir Thorfinr Brimill Fighting For Lady Octavia Fortunata
  Sir Joscelin d'Outremer Fighting For Lady Symone de la Rochelle
  Sir Ragnarr Rifsbrjotr Fighting For Lady Leyli Volorum Nerk'yevi
  Sir Abran de la Barra Fighting For  Bietriz Desrosiers
  Baron Lochlainn hua Rigbarddain Fighting For Barpness Edan Lowery
  Baron Alric The Mad Fighting For Baroness Cellach Mor
  Lord Sigurd Ericsson of Bergen Fighting For Baroness Aine ingen Chuimin
  Lord Jonathan Blackbow Fighting For  Jane of Sacred Stone
  Baron Erwin Bloodaxe  Fighting For Baroness Mary Isabel of Heatherstone
  Lord William of Bedford  Fighting For Lady Juliana ad aquam
  Lord John Angus West  Fighting For Maestra Gracia Esperanca de Seville
  Lord Hakon of Ponte Alto Fighting For  Elenor Bywater
  Baroness Marie Thérèse Normand Fighting For Lord Naran Numuchi
  Lord Griffin Warwick Fighting For Lady Cecille Cassaire
  Lord Oswin inn heimski Fighting For Lady Anastasiia Iosifova
  Lord Eirikr ulfr Thorisson Fighting For Lady Rhiannon Morgaine
  Lord Geoffroy Hart Fighting For Lady Matilda Wynter
  Lady Una Olfuss Fighting For Graf Dietrich von Stroheim
  Lord Richard Thorton Fighting For Lady Marie Marschalc
  Lord Xavier da Corlione Fighting For Lady Artemisia Catarina De Corleone

Cian Triton
Principal Herald
Kingdom of Atlantia

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