[Atlantia-Announce] Fall Coronation 2017 - Morning Court Report

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Sun Oct 8 14:23:40 PDT 2017

Unto the populace of the Kingdom of Atlantia, does Cian Triton, 
Principal Herald, send greetings!

Here follows the court report of the Coronation of Amos and Kara, held 
in the Shire of Border Vale Keep on Saturday, October 7, 2017.
The Shire of Border Vale Keep decided to show the Kingdom that they are 
more than a speed bump in the road should the Kingdom Of Meridies decide 
to invade, and came together to put on an amazing event for Coronation. 
Though the weather was hot and muggy, the staff did an amazing job, and 
those in attendance had a wonderful time, especially when they got to 
sit inside in the Air Conditioning.

At 10:00 in the morning, Their Majesties Cuan and Signy, King and Queen 
of Atlantia, did process into court, followed by Their landed Barons and 
Baronesses who were in attendance.  Special note should be made of Their 
Excellencies of Bright Hills, Ponte Alto, and Lochmere who travelled a 
great distance to be there for Coronation.

Their Majesties did bid the populace to be seated, and the final court 
of Cuan and Signy was opened.  After a few words of welcome, They did 
have several people in succession called forth to receive awards, but 
unfortunately those individuals were not present, and so the scrolls 
were passed on to each individuals Baronage to deliver later.  Those 
awards will be reported at a later date, once the recipients have 
received them.

Baroness Aldis Svansdottir was summonedd from the great hall, and was 
awarded a Fountain for her acts of service.

The herald then called for Baroness Edan Lowery, Viscountess Iskerder 
Gulkean, and Master Tristan Alexander.  A voice from behind the thrones 
was heard to say “Oops, Your Majesty, You missed one” as Mistress Tannis 
the Shenanigator handed a card to Her Majesty and called for the herald, 
Lord Cian, to also come forward.  Her Majesty thanked Baroness Edan and 
Lord Cian for their service to Her during Her reign, and also spoke of 
the service of Viscountess Iskerdr and Master Tristan, who were not 
present, and She presented each of them with an Undine.
2 more individuals were called into court to receive an award, but 
unfortunately were also not in attendance.  Their Baron and Baroness 
will ambush them at a later event.

Mistress Ealdthryth of Humberstone, Dame Morwenna Trevethan, and Lord 
Naran Namuchi were summoned into Court, though Dame Morwenna was the 
only one present.  Mistress Ealdthryth received a Fountain for her work 
as Clerk of the OP, and the hard work she has done to put in all 500+ 
awards that Their Majesties gave during Their reign.  Dame Morwenna and 
Lord Naran each received a Fountain in appreciation for the massive 
number of kumihimo cords that they made for award medallions.

Grafin Adelhait Fuchs, Count Christoph Krieger, Lord William of 
Windmasters Hill, and Lord Bumi Fong were called forth, and thanked by 
Her Majesty for the help and support they gave Her.  She awarded them 
each an Undine, and released those who were Her champions from Her service.

The Triton Herald asked for permission to come before Their Majesties 
with some business.  He spoke of the joys of being the court herald, but 
also some of what was involved, prep-wise both before and after court 
occurred.  Triton wished to call attention to Mistress Tannis of 
Tir-Y-Don, who served as Royal Secretary for Their Majesties, and Dame 
Rosalind Delamere, who served as Head Retainer.  Though Triton was 
unable to give any awards to these two ladies, he was able to publicly 
thank them for all of the work they did which made his job that much 
easier.  Mistress Tannis and Dame Rosalind are true examples of what it 
means to be Atlantian, and Triton is proud to call both of them his friend.

As Triton moved back to his spot behind the thrones, Her Majesty echoed 
Triton’s comments about these two ladies, and since She was able to give 
awards, Queen Signy awarded each of them Her Undine.

Mistress Tannis then spoke of Dame Rosalind’s service to both Crown and 
Kingdom, and specifically on her virtue of Diligence.  She then asked 
Count Christoph if he had anything to say.  Those that know His 
Excellency know that the answer was definitely ‘yes’, as Count Christoph 
spoke eloquently on Dame Rosalind’s Abstinance.  Master Callistus Gill 
then came forward to speak of Dame Rosalind’s Generousity.  Mistress 
Claire do Crecy stepped forward to speak of Chastity, and Duchess Luned 
read the words of Master Raphael de la Rosa’s take on Dame Rosalind’s 
Humility.  Duke Anton came forth to speak of a trait that all who know 
Dame Rosalind know that she has, Kindness.  And finally, having waited 
patiently to the end, Grafin Adelhait Fuchs came forward to speak of 

Their Majesties asked if there was an adornment for this lady, and a 
voice from the back of the court shouted “Yes, there is!”, and the tears 
began to flow as Master Gaston came forward.  Master Gaston is Dame 
Rosalind’s husband, whom she thought was on the other side of the 
country.  There were few, if any, dry eyes in court at this touching 

Dame Rosalind Delamere was then inducted into the Order of the Pelican, 
an Order to which she truly belongs.  The cheers were deafening!
Following this last piece of business, Their Majesties had the Kingdom 
Seneschal and the Kingdom Chronicler called in to take possession of the 
Crowns of Atlantia, then Duke Cuan swept Lady Signy up into his arms, 
and carried her out of court.

As the Kingdom cannot have empty thrones, the herald called for Prince 
Amos and Princess Kara, heirs to the throne, to come forward and take 
Their rightful place.  As his Highness sang a beautiful song, Their 
Highnesses and Their retinue came forward into court, where Amos placed 
the crown upon his head, and then, as King of Atlantia, he placed the 
other crown upon the brow of his lady, making Kara Queen of Atlantia.
A few words of thanks were spoken by Their Majesties, then the Landed 
Baronage in attendance were called forth to swear fealty upon the Sword 
of State.  The Great Officers of State were then summoned forward to 
swear their fealty to the new Monarchs of Atlantia.
Their Majesties had but one piece of business to conduct, which was to 
call Lady Signy Heri into court, where she was made a Countess and a 
Lady of the Rose, and was thanked for her grace and strength during the 
previous reign.

There being no further business, Their Majesties had Their court closed, 
and commanded that the activities of the day begin.
This concludes my report of the final court of Cuan and Signy, and the 
first court of Amos and Kara.  These events are accurate to the best of 
my knowledge, and any mistakes are mine own.   Evening court report will 
follow later.

In service to Crown and Kingdom,

Cian Triton
Principal Herald of Atlantia.

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