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Tannis Baldwin mistresst at cox.net
Tue Oct 3 06:11:05 PDT 2017

Good morning everyone,

As one reign comes to an end and another is about to begin, I'd like to make
a few suggestions to my fellow Atlantians.

No matter how hard a Crown tries, they are never able to catch everyone that
is recommended for recognition.  Thankfully the Recommendation System makes
it easy for you to update the "Events attending" on any recommendation
you've created on the system.  I strongly encourage you to check "Your
Recommendations" and update the events the person will be attending during
the next reign.  Without this information it will be difficult for the Crown
to find the person and present the honor.

Update the recommendations you've made!  One of the lovely things about the
new Recommendation System is how easy it is to add updates to share with the
Crown.  Perhaps the nominee has added to their service resume or maybe
you've discovered the URL that shows the art projects the nominee has
created.  Whatever the new detail, please take a few moments and add it to
the recommendation!  

One of the cool features on the Recommendation system is the "Friends and
Family" feature.  This allows you to enter events you, your family,
household, barony members, whoever you travel with, into a list you
maintain. When you know these gentles will attend an event, you can update
that information.  Why is this important???  There are times when someone
makes a recommendation but they don't know the nominee well enough to know
their travel schedule.  The "Friends and Family" feature will take the
information you provide and merge it with any recommendation that might be
in the system for your family/friend.  Voila!! Now the Crown has event
information to go with the recommendation and good thing have a chance to

Lastly, I encourage everyone to look around and help the Crown discover
gentles worthy are recognition.  We are *still* finding gentles who don't
have an Award of Arms after 5, 10, even 20 years of participation and
service in the SCA.  Do not assume that the mythical "Someone Else" will
write a recommendation.  Do not assume that someone has an AoA or is even a
member of "that polling order".  Take a few moments; use the Order of
Precedence to research people you admire.  The Crown and members of Orders
will readily admit that it is impossible for them to notice everyone worthy
of recognition.  It is the duty of all of us to keep our eyes open and to
make recommendations when we notice people worthy of recognition.   Remember
you can do recommendations for ANY honor.  You do not have to have a peerage
or be a member of a grant level order to make recommendations for those

I know this missive is a bit long, thank you for taking time to read it.
You can make recommendations at:
https://www.polling.atlantia.sca.org/logon.php  .

In service to Atlantia

Tannis of Tir-y-Don

Royal Secretary


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