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The kittyhawk did come to town
Calling on companions;
He bid the Boreas to join
Beneath Windmaster banners
They then invited Tempest, too
(though he was somewhat surly)
And last called Don Quixote to
Come into their meeting
These four friends
Formed a Barony’s base
And determined to discuss
Details to discover
Which part of ymir was
Windmasters’ Hill made of

It is time to challenge your comrades in tourney, to reach for higher skill
and win the honor of being most chivalrous!  To the winners go the finest
of trophies and devices of the martial arts.

And to those who wish to rise up in the ranks, this is your time to train
for marshal.

Be it archery, thrown weapons, rapier or heavy combat your calling, Ymir
will have it for you!

Come prepared for inspection, rally your teams and set your mind to making
this Tournament of Ymir the best!


For questions please contact  rufus.barbarossa [at]gmail (dot)com


Tournament of Ymir
February 24-26, 2017
Site: Betsy Jeff Penn Educational Center, Reidsville, NC 27302

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