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Bards! Dancers! Musicians! The frost giant Ymir calls to you and bids you
to honor his earthly creations through your performing arts! At the
Tournament of Ymir, many opportunities to perform await you!

There will be not one but TWO bardic circles for you to sing and tell
stories of legends - one after morning royal court and one after the
evening feast.

A European Dance class in the afternoon will prepare everyone for the
evening dancing after feast in the great hall.

Musicians wishing to join the pick-up Dance Band under the direction of the
Royal Player Mistress Azza can plan on an afternoon rehearsal and
performing for the dancing after feast.

Those audience members wishing to sit back and be entertained with period
comedy should plan on setting up their chairs for court 1.5 hours early to
catch the Commedia dell' Arte mini-class and performance of "Arlecchino of
La Mancha" from our local commedia troupe, i Firenzi!

Schedule details will be posted on this web page when it pleases Ymir to
decide those details are final: http://ymir.windmastershill.org/?page_id=123

Ymir leaves no excuse for mortals to sit on his earth and be bored!

For Ymir Performing Arts questions feel free to email orangesophie [at]
gmail [dot] com.

Tournament of Ymir
February 24-26, 2017
Site: Betsy Jeff Penn Educational Center, Reidsville, NC 27302

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