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Unto the populace of the Kingdom of Atlantia, greetings from Cian Triton, Principal Herald.
Last month, a call went for for applications for the position of Clerk Signet.  The Clerk Signet is in charge of scroll assignments for Royal Court, administering the scroll backlog, and the education and training of the scribes of this great Kingdom.  The current Clerk Signet, Lady Olivia Isabelle, is stepping down as her three years term comes to an end.

We had 6 applications for the position from some of the most talented scribes within the Kingdom, and every one of them would have done a great job in the position.  I was excited in speaking with them and hearing of their ideas, plans, and solutions.

Alas, there is only 1 Clerk Signet position, and so Their Highnesses have reviewed all of the applications and information, and have authorized me to announce that the next Clerk Signet of the Kingdom of Atlantia will be...

Lady Aemilia Rosa!

The changeover will occur at Coronation this coming weekend.

Thank you to all that applied   each of you would have done a tremendous job, I believe.

Congratulations to Lady Aemilia!

-Cian Triton
Principal Herald
Kingdom of Atlantia

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