[Atlantia-Announce] Blankapalooza at Buckston's Birthday Bash

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Mon Sep 19 12:41:16 PDT 2016

Buckston Birthday Bash Blankapalooza, November 12th

Blanks!  This is an illumination competition to provide blank scrolls for both barony and kingdom.  Choose a destination and grab a brush.  Be bold and try something new, a bright color, a beautiful style, a bonzo material like leather, rock or wood!  Bling it and bring it!  There will be prizes for best executed and most creative in both baronial and kingdom blank categories.

Please refer to scribal handbooks for barony and kingdom as needed for basic expectations of size, margins if frameable, etc.

Deliver scrolls to the A&S area. Times for drop-off and pick-up if taking back to your home barony will be the same as all A&S competitions that day.  Please check the schedule.

If you have any questions please contact me at your leisure.

Baruna Sajah bint-Habushun ibn-Ishandiyar al-Hajjaji
Traveling MoL, Education  & Novice Scribe Deputy to the Clerk Signet, Woman Who Makes Paints, and unofficial Atlantian Minister of Hugs

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